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Welcome to CrossHare

CrossHare is a little utility that places a crosshair/reticle onto whatever is displayed on a monitor. For example, if you had a live camera view (from a telescope) on your screen, you could place CrossHare over it and monitor it's guiding status. CrossHare also functions as a mini-screen grabber. Each time you click on the little camera icon in the corner, whatever image is behind CrossHare will be captured to disk.

CrossHare GUI

Other features of CrossHare include:

  • ability to turn crosshair on or off
  • ability to capture the inner portion of CrossHare or include the entire form with Date/Time stamp
  • ability to set the preferred amount of Jpeg Quality/Compression
  • ability to start an automated Capture Sequence on a timed interval
  • all captured images are stored in a single folder

Another use for CrossHare is to turn the crosshair off and use it to capture screen shots for ducumentation purposes.

Download CrossHare now.