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MetaGuide: NGC 2020 and 2014 with EdgeHD11 on CGE-Pro at f/10 and f/2 (hyperstar) and ASI 1600-MM Cool

No processing other than levels. Acquired and focused with SGP. Video guided with MetaGuide and corrections every 1s.

Automatic focus by SGP at start and at approx 40 minute intervals. Focus with Rigel/Robofocus on the primary focuser.

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NGC 2020 and 2014 in Ha

Imaging OpticsCelestron EdgeHD 11 at f/10
MountCelestron CGE-Pro
Guiding SoftwareMetaGuide with dithering from SGP
Guiding ModeOff-axis guiding with Hutech OAG5
Imaging CameraASI-1600mm-cool
Guiding CameraQHY5iii-174
FocusSGP and Rigel with RoboFocus motor on the primary focuser - no mirror locks used - nothing manual
Exposure Time58x5m = 4.8 hours at gain 100 offset 40 -10C
Image Scale0.28" per pixel
Raw FWHM1.5-2" - stacked image is 1.8"
Image ProcessingCalibration and stack in custom software. No cropping. Levels stretch in PhotoShop. No other processing or sharpening.
Image AcquisitionSGP
Other SoftwarePECTool, TheSkyX Pro for best guidestar selection with field of view indicator (FOVI)
Other HardwarePyxis OAG Rotator for best guidestar, Telegizmos 365 cover, Long usb cable to outside setup
DateMarch, 2017
FilterAstrodon 3nm H-alpha

Hyperstar view of the region showing NGC 2020 and 2014 at upper left. This image is 50x1m exposures unguided with Baader 2" fast Ha filter. Click for full res.

Cropped view of the hyperstar image - showing the loss of resolution at this image scale. The exposure is 5x less at f/2, but there is much less resolution and detail - with the same camera and aperture.

Cropped view of the hyperstar image at 2x providing a better view of the reduced detail. Some of the blur is due to not guiding the hyperstar images and guiding would have helped a bit for the 1m exposures - but the longer exposure at f/10 would still have shown much more detail.